If you feel:

  • financial strainWork with us image
  • marginal wellness
  • constant time constraints
  • alarmed by the toxicity of our food and surroundings
  • ache for people struggling with their survival
  • a desire to contribute to great causes
  • stuck in a job that doesn’t fill you
  • desire to give children (young and old) earth-honoring values, character depth, health to pursue their dreams
  • passion for natural holistic wellness, including experience and knowledge you’d love to share or….
  • you want to get on a path of wellness


Then….. Come Work with Us!

We’re currently looking for several leaders, wise women in particular, with initiative and natural health experience and/or aspirations. Women who care about people, integrity, the wellness of our bodies, minds, spirits, and environment.

Expect to work hard, to devote some time and resources, and to have down times as well as exhilaration as you bless, build, empower, and inspire others toward higher levels of wellness- physical, mental, spiritual, financial.

The intent is to nurture a strong community- the Wise Women of Wellness Tribe.

I can often see the strengths in people, even when they can’t, and I love encouraging you to recognize and celebrate those strengths as you use them connected to a larger purpose.

I tend to collect information, resources, and contacts who have expertise in A.S.P.E.N. Living areas- an obviously wide range. It is my passion to share and promote team members’ interests and skills as we grow a force for good. Like yours!

Requirements- Consider these questions….

Are you ready to make a real difference for good?

Are you looking for meaningful income activity doing something that makes the world healthier, more compassionate, and more hopeful?

Are you ready to develop a supplemental, replacement, or multiplied income?

How about an important cause that can also relieve financial pressure, help reduce a debt load, build time and financial freedom? Starting up a business can take thousands of dollars for possible future profit, vs. approximately $200/ month including products we use daily anyway, materials, shipping and taxes.

Are you ready to be a member of a wise woman tribe, valued for your experience, strengths, passion, and caring? Supported by our win-win structure, vision, and aspirations?

Share your wellness expertise, struggles, journey. Draw strength from others’ accomplishments and lift others with your own. Participate in live and online training, mentoring, personal development.

Passion, expertise, experience, or interest in any of the following areas?

A-Aspire, Affirm, Apprentice, Abundance:

Personal development          Visualization          Leadership principles

Mentoring                              Life coaching          Business development

Manifesting                           Journaling               Science

S-Simplify, Serve, Spirit

Voluntary simplicity              Natural wellness      Plant-based living

Relieving suffering               Humanitarian causes         Volunteering

Connection with Divinity       Enhancing discernment      Microloans

P-Physical Activity, People, Preparedness, Peace

Sports-team or individual    Yoga                            Weight training

Cycling/ spinning                Water recreation          Outdoor recreation

Travel                                  Emergency prep           First Aid skills

Family relationships           Dance                          Food storage


E-Eat Wisely, Energy, Emotions, Essential Oils

Nutrition- omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian       Green smoothies

Increasing plant-based foods          Raw foods            Desserts (chocolate!)

Mood Management              Stress Reduction             Energy therapies

Aromatherapy                      Quality sleep                    Accupuncture

N-Nature, Nurture

Honoring nature                  Alternative therapies        Massage

Light, color therapy             Gardening                        Permaculture

Environment                       Cultural arts                     Animals

Reducing toxic load            Camping                          Immune strengthening

People involved in all these areas and many more have found this company’s products and opportunities more than support their goals and dreams.  (The FDA’s most recent rules do not allow me to name the company, “seriously?!?”, but you can email me here)

Important note: We don’t cross recruit from other essential oil teams, so consider carefully when you enroll. We recommend looking at relationships and the kind of people you enjoy working with.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Tried other things that didn’t work? I know the feeling!

My background is a lifetime of seeking calm energy, deep living, connection with nature. Everything from crash dieting as a teen to obtain the body I thought would make my life perfect; to a nursing degree from University of Oregon Health Sciences Center (now OHSU); to studying herbal medicine throughout the U.S.; to a passion for learning simple, self-reliant living gave me pieces, but not the significant results I wanted.

I figured banking my limited energy and doing life’s bare necessities was my lot. Then, in the course of looking for easy whole-food nutrition options, I was introduced to extremely pure essential oils. Blown away by their power, purity, and effectiveness, I found them a way to bridge the gap between plant-based wellness and the way we are familiar with caring for ourselves with pills, band-aids, and medical visits.

Despite initial doubts, I saw and experienced the person-to-person way of sharing that blesses the giver and receiver. Every day I’m grateful for continually increasing income to fulfill my most cherished dreams and ideas.

As international leader Eric Worre says, network marketing isn’t perfect, but it is a better way. Skills need to be developed- which is where a team comes in, but mastering them is the equivalent of maybe a couple community college terms. With those skills and team support come unlimited income potential and the power to make your dreams come true.

A.S.P.E.N Living- Wise Women of Wellness

We are a growing, thriving team of people passionate about natural wellness, financial abundance, and fulfilling our life’s work. With diverse specialties and expertise, we come together in confidence and use of my trusted oil company’s products.

The company was started in 2008 by seven people with decades of experience in essential oils. They wanted to offer pure, potent oils by partnering with farmers around the world dedicated to care of the people, land, and communities they live in. The leaders are creating a culture teaching and supporting a wellness lifestyle, stewardship of resources (including abundant income), and a revolution in natural health options. Apparently the time is right for this approach, since they are growing exponentially and became a billion dollar company in 2014. Alternative and mainstream health care professionals across the globe are beginning to embrace the life-changing advantages of these beautiful oils.


Come Join Our Team!

This is for you if even some of these apply….

  • You’re passionate about natural wellness and sharing with others.
  • You’re ready to work hard to build residual income and create financial freedom.
  • You want the time flexibility to live life on your terms.
  • You believe baby boomer women have the creativity, strength, and ability to make a real difference in the world.
  • You see the value of joining like-minded people you can trust.
  • You think getting high-end products for the deepest discount possible is a great idea.
  • You love to learn, grow and develop your potential.
  • You want to replace toxic items for your body, your home, your family with much better alternatives.
  • You believe the most gentle way to solve an issue (physical, emotional, financial) is the best.
  • You are in the health and wellness field (fitness, energy, health care, nutrition) and are ready to add value to your service and clients.
  • You are ready to make a change that brings out your genius, your hopes, your dreams.
  • You want to create a life and work you love!