At church on Sunday we had a wonderful lesson about sharing our message of hope and help. One of the concepts the teacher touched on struck me- the idea that there are two different ways the word “faith” is used.

One faith is born of experience. When we’ve had time with someone or some situation, have seen they are reliable and we know what to expect, that is a kind of faith. We have faith the sun will come up in the morning, that the seasons will change, that gravity will pull toward the center of the earth. We have faith that good friends and family care about us and would help us if needed. I am so grateful to hardworking parents that I never worried whether there would be food when I was hungry or a bed when I was tired. And I know, from experience, that God looks out for my highest good, that I’ve been protected and supported and blessed beyond measure.

The second is a principle of power; the faith to create. Stephen Covey taught in nearly every book he wrote, from his vast study and application, that everything is created spiritually before it’s created physically. In imagination before element. The classic, super-concrete example is a building. An idea is developed into blueprints, then into supplies and labor before it becomes reality. Some people use the word manifest.

We learn that we tend to attract what we focus on, whether it’s something we want or don’t want. We can choose our focus, whether it be a situation, a car, an income, a lifestyle. My friend Susan Youngblood and I discussed it for a while after the class, and I was reminded that I’ve come to believe that as sons and daughters of God, as humans, we have the capacity to “manifest” or attract what we choose to focus on. (BTW, a good reason to spend time with sacred writings and ideas, don’t you think?) We just have it, whether we believe in Deity or Spirit or neither.

I also believe that the most spiritually powerful have the greatest capacity to manifest, or create by faith. “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Genesis 1:3. Which means that God’s will (which holds sacred our free agency) overrides some of our foolishness. Thank goodness. And that the faith to create doesn’t release us from consequences. We have the freedom to choose our actions, but not the consequences that go along with our actions. Whole different discussion.

girl bike

Attract the Best!

So what do we do with this information? If you haven’t already, you can figure out what you’d like to come into your life and immerse yourself in it.

Example: A few years ago, I wanted and needed a bicycle. Having little funds, I asked for and imagined a good bike for under $50, to purchase close to home. I also started searching craigslist and looking around. Within three days, I was the proud owner of a nearly new bike that cost $35, including the most comfortable padded Schwinn seat I’ve ever known, and the bike lasted me about five years. I still have and use the seat on my newer bike, another five years later.

I started with small things, and am now exercising my faith to create bigger situations. Always adding “with good to all concerned.”

I wish you many good things as well. Please write and tell me about your experiences. I’d love to hear them.

To Amazing Life!


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