My husband turns 62 today. He is a bicycle commuter (45 minutes each way to work). He takes no regular medications and has always stayed within healthy weight ranges. Quite annoying sometimes, but he is a living testament to purposeful healthy living.

Genes are Not Destiny

Both his parents died in their mid-60s, and there are several genetic and childhood tendencies toward illness in his family, like anyone else’s. Thank goodness we’re not doomed by our heritage. We have a whole lot of control over our wellness. Studies are showing that our genetic tendencies can be turned on or off by the way we live, and especially by the way we eat.

Our eating habits have evolved over the three decades we’ve been married, as I served balanced meals according to my understanding of the time. Along with the major sweet tooth I got from my mom. I tend to collect books, articles, and education about whatever I’m into in the moment, so my cookbook collection has been literally into the hundreds of books. I can trace our society’s nutrition knowledge by them. Through stages of low calorie, no sugar (but plenty of artificial sweeteners), low-fat, whole grain, vegetarian, vegan, raw. Our current food habits include green smoothies, frequent salads, very little dairy, animal protein a couple times per week, and less refined sweeteners.

The thing is, though we eat better today than earlier in our married life, Tom has still reaped the benefits of applying what we knew at the time. Particularly keeping physically active and eating appropriate amounts. Those two habits seem to come easily for him- darn guy. Not that he doesn’t have challenges in life; it’s just that those aren’t part of them.

Good News

The good news for us who have more difficulty in these areas is: We can be healthier starting right now, whatever our age and in almost any physical condition. We can add good things into our lives that tend to crowd out the negative. I mean healthy foods, non-toxic home and personal care items, a little more body movement, some pleasurable self-nuturing. Thank goodness it’s never too late.

Here’s a photo of his favorite dessert, apple tart (made with evaporated cane juice and whole grain flour) made by our younger daughter Angie:

I respect my husband’s good choices and habits, and wish him years of continued vitality. Happy Birthday Thomason!

To Amazing Life!


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