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I woke up the other day feeling lousy, and knew it was my own fault. I’d eaten a pretty large, heavy meal too close to bedtime and my body was not happy. I know better, though sometimes life doesn’t allow eating at ideal time. This one was my fault, however.

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This is some of what I understand about the amazing liver. It does hundreds of jobs to keep our body clean, detoxifying, restoring, repairing. Especially at night while we’re sleeping, it’s working. But it’s first priority is to deal with digestion when we eat. If we eat much in the evening, or within 2-3 hours before going to bed, that’s what our livers have to do while we sleep- digest that food. Which means it’s not getting to the other jobs nearly as well, and so we aren’t energized by the morning.

I try to finish dinner by 7 or 7:30. Then usually have about a cup of green smoothie 10 p.m. or so, but I don’t go to bed until midnight. If I’m slightly hungry when I get to bed, I am ready to start the day after 6-7 hours, and I sleep well.

If I eat much late, I don’t sleep nearly as soundly, and often have to drag out of bed the next day. Not just from lack of sleep, but sluggish from lack of the cleansing and restoring that would have happened.

Years ago, I heard that the name came from centuries ago and they called it the liver because it literally makes us live. I am grateful for the faithful body I have, doing the best it can with whatever I give it to work with. I’m wanting to take care of it, not just for the exact size and shape I wish I had, but because it supports and functions for me 24/7.

To Amazing Life!


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