The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

I’m in my second reading of this book and feeling my Upper Limit Problem in full force.

Gay Hendricks is a business consultant who openly admits to his own upper limiting behaviors and thought patterns. The gist of the book is recognizing and eliminating ways we sabotage ourselves as we accomplish or become more than we have been. He illustrates that we operate in several competency zones- incompetence, competence, excellence, and genius, with our best and highest contribution to life in our zone of genius. And that time is malleable as we do.

I have many ideas and desires to offer wonderful things, but when I get started, I find myself eating less well, having sugar cravings, leaning toward silly phone video games and staying up too late. A clear case of believing I’m fundamentally flawed and not ready or deserving to accomplish too much too far out of my current place in the world.

What I’d really like is to enjoy the process, see steady and good paced progress, prepared and handling well the changes that come with an upgraded lifestyle. What I often experience is halting steps, up and down emotions, and behaviors that first build, then restrict or break down growth.


I’m grateful to know that most, if not all, successful people get where they are in that same zig-zag pattern. That there are tools we can use to pry us out of our stuck mode, including awareness, questioning, labeling, coaching, and more. So many “ah-hah” moments as I read The Big Leap.

One thing I’m not quite getting yet is the flow of what he calls Einstein time. In my work, time seems to always be the limiting factor. Also with my family, friends, interests, ideas and implementing them. Hendricks claims that when we operate in our zone of genius, time falls away and we accomplish what we are here on earth for. A good friend and associate reminded me I could use afformations to re-wire my thinking and experience.

Afformations, not affirmations.

Teaser afformation:

Why do I have plenty of time to run my business and life, with good to all concerned?

Afformations, affirmations, vision to be discussed next……

To Amazing Life! sol2


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