You can NOT buy these oils (including the Spearmint) through my oil company, which certifies them pure. They are delicious for adding to foods, and can do wonderful things for our bodies and minds. So excited to get mine any minute now!

Tangerine– the oil of cheer and creativity, high in chemistry that boosts our mood and supports our immune system.

Dill– Besides the distinctive taste, this oil helps with appetite balance. Some people find it helps with hiccups when applied along the jaw. It’s calming and focusing.

Spearmint– Refreshing, energizing, milder than peppermint. It’s gently supportive to digestive and respiratory systems, and tastes wonderful in mouthwash.

Cumin– Promotes digestive health, inside and out. In foods, under the tongue, or diluted in fractionated coconut oil and rubbed on the tummy for occasional digestive upset.

Contact me to find out how to get these precious oils! or

The company usually runs out of these kinds of special offerings, too. I’ve waited two years since I missed the last one of these sets. Retail value is $75-80.

There will be more ideas to follow, I’m sure. And thank you to my younger daughter Angie Fischbach for the cute graphic.

To Amazing Life!


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