All my life I’ve wondered what I wanted to be when I grow up, and have puzzled repeatedly as I seem not to fit into the many catagories I’ve considered. I know I love collecting information and when asked about a particular topic we have mutual interest in, I love sharing whatever information I have. (My husband would call that being a pack rat, but for me, information is value and possibility.) I know I love connection with nature and spirit. Love creative projects, especially home beauty. And I’m pretty good at seeing other people’s talents or abilities even if they don’t recognize them. But finding a career path? What to focus on? How to turn my particular talents into marketable action? Eluded me.

So I was excited to be introduced to Tom Rath’s book “Strengths Finder 2.0” and the idea that we all have superpowers or genius in ourselves.

When you purchase the book you automatically get an access code to a web site self-evaluation determining your top five strengths. There are 34 the author wrote about in conjunction with Gallup’s research (yes, the same Gallup as the poll). You can also purchase additional evaluations here for under ten dollars. Those five are not your only strengths, as I found reading the book and the description of each, but the ones that came up for me fit my natural inclinations better than any other assessment I’ve done.

What was cool about the online results was that I was given a detailed description of each strength, thought provoking questions, and possible applications of those strengths. My strengths include being futuristic or visionary (Futuristic); a collector of information, ideas, research, etc. (Input), a person who loves continuing education whether formal or not (Learner); a philosopher, wanting to understand the universe on many levels (Intellection); and being particularly responsible when I take something on (Responsibility).

strengths image

Ah, so I’m not just a mish-mash of interests unable to commit to one path. What a relief! I’m still creating my life mission’s path, grateful to choose to use these strengths to bless, build, heal, inspire those around me. And I can rejoice in others’ complementary strengths, collaborating to make amazing things happen in the world.

What are your strengths?

I’d love to hear about them and find ways to work together. If you choose to read and take the StrengthsFinder assessment, tell me about it!

I have more ideas than time to develop them, so am glad to see other people, especially wise women, take them and make them better than I started with and fitting to their personality. Way cool!

To Amazing Life!


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