Finally, finally, finally, a natural way to reduce appetite so snacks don’t call so loudly. My essential oil supplier company has an exclusive contract to use this ingredient made from spinach extract, and I’ve been trying it out.

spinachintestines good


First off, it’s actual food. The new substance slows down the digestion and absorption of fats temporarily in the gut, so that the body’s satiation or satisfaction mechanisms kick in. There are snack bars that have a little fat and are the complete deal, in fruit flavors. There’s also a drink mix that’s sweetened with stevia so if you want to avoid all sugars you can. It’s tasty, minty; you just need to eat a healthy fat like avocado or nut butter so the appetite suppressant has something to work with.

My experience is that it takes a couple of hours to take effect, but then it significantly cuts down on hunger sensations for 4-6 hours. If I wanted to refrain from afternoon snacking, I’d eat or drink it in the morning. To deal with evening stomach rumblings, I eat one mid-afternoon. About 2 p.m. I’m impressed with how well this brand new option works. I still eat dinner, but not so ravenously.

Current regulations don’t allow me to name companies or specific product names on a blog or website, but I’m glad to discuss more details if you email me here.

For your free try-out:

If you’re local to the Portland- Vancouver area

Meet-up with me before the end of September. I allow 30 minutes, and we chat about your wellness goals.

OR- Have an in-home casual get-together with friends and/or family not already into essential oils who’d also like to check out the bars. There are more perks and gifts for this option.

Outside of the Portland/ Vancouver area (for those NOT already enrolled in an essential oil company):

Set up a phone chat with me to discuss your wellness goals and how you would like this bar or drink mix to help you. When we’ve set up a plan for you to take great care of yourself using the natural appetite suppressant along with other supporting behaviors, I’ll get the bar to you!

They are worth a shot, and tasty too!

To Amazing Life!


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