Pouting here. I had my last massage from my long time LMT, Karen. I know, first world problem. But there are some good wellness reasons. Though I got my first massage many years ago as a treat and indulgence, I am now convinced that regular sessions help maintain my joints’ range of motions, supports lymph movement and drainage, and allows release of muscle tension that can (and often does) cause pain in my head, neck, legs, back, feet… well, pretty much all over.

I see it now as a health practice that happens to be wonderfully enjoyable. Another unexpected benefit is that, because over the years I’ve practiced staying aware while having a zoned-out brain, I can relax to almost sleeping anyplace and yet still be aware of what’s going on around me. I don’t want to miss one second of the massage by sleeping. This has been valuable in airports, parks, public places where I really needed to rest and restore my mind, but can’t take an actual nap.

Karen is amazing on many levels. She’s created a calming, soothing atmosphere for my bi-monthly massages for 15 years. She also taught yoga and aerobic classes for years, is a vegetarian, and runs her business as well as managing a rental home. She’s strong, fun, active. Now, at age 70, she is beginning a new adventure by moving to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica! Not Bend, Oregon, but thousands of miles away in a different country, culture, climate. She doesn’t know anyone there, though is hoping to have a friend travel there with her for a couple weeks as she finds an apartment and settles in. She’s planning to live there and explore for at least six months, but maybe more, depending on how she likes it. How cool is that! What a role model!

I love surrounding myself with people older than me who take care of their health and themselves such that they are vital, energetic, and full of ideas and plans. Notice I didn’t say “old people.” I see people ten years younger than me who are old, and people like Karen more than ten years older than me who are hard to keep up with.

I’m grateful for a business culture and work that supports people’s life passion and mission, by their values as well as actual products and services. Being joined to a cause larger than myself is energizing, satisfying, and just more fun. As always, we can talk more about that or anything I write about by contacting me here.

Here’s to powerful Wise Women and Amazing Life!


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