I am proud to be associated with the largest and rapidly growing essential oil company in the world. Due to increasingly strict FDA regulations, and the company’s intent to be upfront and law-abiding, we can no longer name brands of any sort on web sites. I’m happy to talk about the company and why I use this particular one if you contact me here.

Why essential oils?


Being trained as an herbalist, and seeking ever better nutrition, I’ve always leaned toward the whole plant- for food, for wellness, for beauty. So why do I now add food-based supplements and the concentrated energy of these plant essential oils?

First- Supplements

For a long time, I resisted the idea of supplements, wanting to get my nutrients from the foods I eat. But sadly, it’s very difficult these days to meet our bodies’ needs with our food alone. Many organic farmers work hard to build soil that will produce high-value food for us, but in general, soils are often depleted of what plants need to be robust. I read recently that to get the nutrition we would have eating a carrot in 1970, we would need to eat 12 carrots today. That’s a lot more calories, bulk, and really, who sits down and eats 12 carrots? I collect emails about the experiences of many people as they take my “try-it” challenge, and these super-high quality supplements are making dramatic differences for the good in their lives. Even if they already eat well.

raised garden

Second- Oils

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds distilled or cold-pressed from various parts of plants. They may come from seeds, bark, flowers, roots, leaves, or fruit, depending on the physiological effect wanted. My company’s oils are tested multiple times by third party labs to ensure their purity and potency. So much so that many of them can be used internally as well as topically and aromatically.

I pondered why we would need such concentrated plant ***, and here’s my understanding: we are bombarded with chemicals, pollutions, and toxins much more concentrated and harmful than are generally found in nature. So it makes sense that we would counter the harmful effects with more concentrated natural plant help. Essential oils.

There’s so much more I could say about them, but the main thing is that they have blessed my life in many ways and on many levels. Sharing them to meet your needs, blessing your life as well, is a great honor and pleasure.

To Amazing Life!


JW-Until recently, you would have found the name of the essential oil company I’m heavily involved with all over this page. However, due to increasingly-strict FDA regulations, I have had to remove all brand names from my blog. Thankfully, I work with the largest essential oil company in the world, and my team is growing at a rapid pace, despite the FDA rules. Fill out an application below, and I’ll be happy to share more.

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