Last September was my 40th high school reunion—is it even possible it’s been that long? I was privileged to reconnect with several classmates and look forward to seeing them now and then. I want to catch up on their lives and what they and their families are doing.

I was impressed with their character, their achievements, their warmth and experience.

So putting together an introductory essential oils class in the Parkrose area of Portland, was great fun this week. Though I travel all over the northwest giving classes, local ones are rare. It’s been over 30 years since I lived there, except for a couple years we lived in a tiny house near Rocky Butte. Many people I met in those two years also impressed me with their kindness, compassion, and openness to natural wellness practices.


Wednesday night I got together with two of them, Malia Lackaff (left) and Cathy Dunwoody (right).

Malia has grown sons who she obviously loves dearly, and just started a new job that has her traveling all over the country- her new adventure. She’s a warm and caring person that I am grateful to be getting to know better. Cathy is brilliant, doing amazing work in mental health even though she’s “retired.” She supports her family on many levels and I’ve always had the greatest respect for her.

We talked about the challenges of Wise Women and how we can use plant essential oils to support a wellness lifestyle. Including the physical, mental, emotional, social, and even financial aspects of health. We smelled, applied, sampled, and generally played with the oils while exploring some of the science behind the effects, learning about other people’s experiences, and finding out how to use them.

It’s a new way of looking at health for many of the baby boomers I know, and yet most people are open to the possibility that they can take care of themselves and families using natural solutions in conjunction with our typical allopathic medical care. Every modality has strengths, and my often stated philosophy is to use the most gentle action that will solve the problem. It has served me well as I too deal with the everyday challenges of each age group around our home and with my issues through the years.

The best is yet to come…

And yes, I really believe that.

To Amazing Life!


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