Yesterday I had a delightful lunch with another high school friend, Debbie Haner Holland (who by the way looks almost the same as when we graduated- strikingly gorgeous). We talked about our families, our work, our travels and how things are going in our lives. She told me about her daughter and boyfriend, who make AWFUL looking-smelling-tasting green smoothies that fill up the Vitamix blender and that he drinks in one sitting. I couldn’t help but chuckle, knowing I’ve swallowed some pretty gnarly concoctions myself. They aren’t always green, as the picture shows. But what makes them GREEN smoothies is that they have dark green leafies in them.

I credit green smoothies with setting me on the path to the calm, steady energy I was always seeking and for helping keep me off of the medicine merry-go-round. To get 10+ servings of fruits, vegetables, and especially dark leafy greens would be next to impossible any other way. The enzymes that help our bodies digest food, the super nutrition, fiber, the healthy sugars, proteins, fats all in one quick and easy package.

I use a BlendTec blender to make sure I get smoothies rather than chunkies, though other people do as well with a Vitamix. Drinking at least a quart each day gives me a solid nutrient-dense food foundation. Since food prep is not my idea of a good time, I make a quantity a couple times a week and freeze quarts in canning jars. I set one out on the counter in the morning, drink a cup with dinner, a cup in the evening with a tablespoon of chia, and the other two cups the next morning. Take out another quart and start the cycle over again.

They can be made to taste decent, though at this point I don’t really care what they taste like because I feel so good drinking them, and they aren’t my meal; they are supplements. Well, I have lately been adding some natural plant-based meal replacement powder and sprouted dried flax in the morning- so I guess it is kind of breakfast.

There are many online and in-print recipe books that have delicious combinations, and ones I may not have thought of- like grapefruit and cilantro, which is actually pretty tasty. But the basic instructions for green smoothies are super simple.



For one large blender –full (about 8-9 cups)

  1. Choose a liquid- can be water, coconut juice, herbal tea, almond or other non-dairy milk, pretty much anything you want. About 3 cups
  2. Choose and prepare your fresh or frozen fruits and veggies- apples, bananas, melons, pineapple, berries, citrus. Cucumbers, celery, zucchini, red peppers, parsley, lettuce, whatever is fresh. I chop them up a little, core the apples, remove the really hard ends. About 3 cups.
  3. Choose and rinse your greens- spinach is the mildest flavored, followed by chard, kale, and collards. There’s lots of others to add more sparingly- arugula, dandelion greens, broccoli, carrot tops, beet tops, and more.
  4. If desired, you can add a little stevia to sweeten.
  5. To mix- put about half the liquid in the blender and add greens to make about 3 cups. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Drink right away, or may be stored cold for up to two days. Can also be frozen.

Notes: When I make several blender-full in one session, I cut up a whole mixing bowl full of fruits and veggies and alternate adding them with about 3 bunches of green and half a 16 oz. package of spinach. I pour the smoothies into pitchers and when everything’s been blended mix them all by pouring the pitchers back and forth so that they all are the same color and consistency.

Optional additions-

  • 2-3 drops lemon, orange, cinnamon, or other certified pure essential oils that are safe internally.
  • A ¼ inch slice of ginger root
  • A small hot pepper
  • A healthy fat like avocado or flax oil
  • Small piece of hot pepper- your choice

To Amazing Health!



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