To continue the discussion of Emotions and Essential oils…

I loved learning about our connection with plants.

Herbalism: I began studying herbal medicine with the idea that I’d like to know how to use plants in case drugs weren’t available. Rather than ordering capsules, I wanted to know how to recognize, grow, wildcraft, process and use plants from the ground up. I found a whole new world to explore. Not only plants for illness or injury, but for home cleaning, beauty, nutrition, holidays, celebration of seasons and honoring the earth.

Plant connection– Besides the obvious, that herbalism is the study and use of plants in everyday life, I learned that plants are intertwined in every culture and literally support us either directly or indirectly. In photos put together over time, they show movements remarkably similar to human movement.

Emotion connection– Plants respond to emotion, demonstrated by studies over the last few decades. They grow better around positive emotions, bio-electric currents can actually be measured in them in response to different people, and people also tend to respond or experience emotions connected to plants. Think roses! 

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Essential Oils- They ARE plant substance, concentrated by distillation or cold pressing. They come from the seeds, leaves, flowers, bark, roots, fruits or other parts. They help the plants cope with threats inside and out, and help us do the same. I choose to be involved with the largest essential oil company in the world, convinced of their oils’ purity, potency, and the integrity of the company. To find out more, send me an email.


Lavender- The Oil of Communication

In the herbie world, Lavender is classic. It helps soothe, calm irritations of body or emotions. According to the wonderful Emotions and Essential Oils book, the oil is a help to communication, calming our insecurities and supporting us to express our true self. It encourages emotional honesty and often allows us to relax into restorative sleep. It helps us deal with blocked communication, fearing rejection, feeling like we are unseen or heard. And that’s just the emotional effects.

Bonus info- physically, lavender soothes insect bites and stings, minor burns, disinfects. It used to be called “the first aid kit in a bottle.” One of my favorite oils and inexpensive to boot.


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