The first time I heard people talk about “afformations” I assumed they were mispronouncing the word “affirmations.” Happily corrected, I’ve enjoyed seeing discouragement and complaint energy turned around by forming these simple questions.

Author Noah St. John, Ph.D., founder and CEO of, developed the idea that our minds are wired to answer questions. If we ask “Why can’t I get ahead?” our subconscious mind finds reasons we can’t. We may attract circumstances, people, and behaviors to prove it.

On the other hand, when we ask ourselves “why” questions about what we want and prefer, the subconscious goes to work to find those reasons and attract whatever is needed to answer our positive question. St. John calls these deliberately chosen questions afformations.

Why do things always work out for me?”

Why do I attract such wonderful friends?”

Why is running my business so easy for me?”

Why do I prefer healthy food?”

Transforming Energypicard

Just coming up with the questions to counter negative thoughts turns the energy around. They don’t excuse us from action, but, as the author asserts, changes what we focus on, so our minds, hearts, and spirit tend to see and attract what will make it so (confessing a deliberate Star Trek reference here).

I believe opportunities surround us, but that we only see the ones that fit with our assumptions and focus in the world. So no hocus pocus here, just change of attention.

I’ve seen and felt the results of my afformations, and am learning to trust the process. In my work, I’ve planned and conducted many public presentations. Sometimes an event goes differently than I expect- maybe fewer or more people than I’d planned for,

maybe I forgot a major display item. But since I “afform” why things always work out for me, I’ve learned to watch for how it will be better than I expected- maybe more people helped, or more complicated individual issues dealt with. Maybe we ad lib a much more effective display than I would have brought.

Once a friend and I presented in a home. The hostess had invited quite a few friends, and they arrived gradually over an hour, visiting and eating and enjoying each others’ company. I wondered if we would actually do any presenting, but eventually they all settled in to learn about natural wellness solutions. There was laughter, heartfelt experiences shared, tears and fellowship. It was one of the most successful and engaging classes we’ve ever done- partly because we can ask “why do things always work out for us?” and “why do we always arrive at the right time?”

These are minor life situations compared to what many people deal with, but they’ve shown me how powerful the questions we ask ourselves are. Tiny and huge miracles happen every day.


Try creating an affirmation around something you wish was different in your life. What do you want (not what you don’t like)? For example, instead of “Why do I get out of debt?” ask something like “Why do I easily pay my bills and have money to save and to live well?” Let it simmer in your mind for a while, hours or days, though I’ve also had possible answers come to me immediately.

Take action or look into the ideas that you become aware of. It’s especially fun to see options you’d never considered before- actions that are enjoyable and effective. In fact, I usually put some element of pleasure in my afformations- like “Why do I have so much fun getting and keeping my body fit?” (Hey, that’s a good one- think I’ll use it.)

Tell me about your afformations and what happens when you use them.


To Amazing Life!



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