Debbie Tuttle

Who Knew?

From adolescence on, low-to-no energy and concern about weight drove my actions. I remember lying on a bed while a pack of cousins played one Christmas, feeling like I couldn’t move. As a teen in the 70’s, I focused on weight, totally ignoring my sturdy European bone structure. Crash dieting, cutting out various food groups, almost anything to weigh less.

I finished nursing school, seeking health but found that conventional Western medicine focuses on disease management. I married and had children without resolving either issue. Feeling lousy took a good deal of the joy out of these major life events.

In my 20s, I chose to give up dieting, but not the desire to be thinner. I assumed my energy issues were related to poor nutrition and didn’t consider hormone imbalances, stress levels, internal or external toxins. Moms do what we gottta do, so I fulfilled the physical child care responsibilities with my limited store of energy and sacrificed the fun. I often felt like I was functioning through cement- heaviness of mind and body.

A.S.P.E.N. Living Plus….

The ever-present issues propelled me to learn and develop holistic wellness classes and structures. I used A.S.P.E.N. as the acronym to organize the areas involved teaching whole-life health. A symbol of outdoors- clean and clear. Also because I like trees and the Celtic symbolism that they connect heaven and earth- roots reaching below us, branches reaching above us.

Several years ago I got into herbal medicine, intending to be prepared should medications become unavailable. I found so much more than preparedness- a whole lifestyle and connection to the earth. I became convinced that a plant-based lifestyle was not only healthier, but more satisfying and emotionally deeper. My habits evolved to include a high percentage of whole, raw foods, especially green smoothies (thank you Robyn Openshaw).

Financially, I’ve been fortunate to always have the necessities and many of the comforts of life, but have dreams of time and financial freedom to develop talents in myself and my family, to contribute to the world by my work and resources. The “how” evaded me.

It didn’t all come together until I was introduced to truly pure essential oils. I love the values and integrity of the company, that it actually creates living-wage economies for farmers world-wide, that it was formed for the purpose of supplying the purest essential oils possible to the most people possible*, and that it fosters a culture of abundance, wellness, and compassion.


Most of all, I’m grateful that I finally found the calm energy I sought. Who knew I could feel better in my 50s than in my 20s (or 30s, or 40s)? Who knew there is way to attract income greater than I ever imagined, in a cause much bigger than myself, helping thousands upon thousands of people change their lives and fulfill their dreams.

I’m grateful for a career that not only encourages, but demands connection to Divinity, to Humanity, and to Creation. Life is full, hopeful, and in very practical ways, dreams are coming true. What a privilege to share these beautiful oils, principles, and opportunities with others on a larger scale. Stay tuned……..

To Amazing Lifesol2


*The FDA does not allow me to name the essential oil company, however their stated mission is: “We … are committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil enhanced wellness products with the world.”