Natural Wellness, Preparedness, and Prosperity

Healing Hands in Nepal

I just read of the second 7.3 magnitude earthquake striking Nepal. More deaths and suffering. Then this morning listened to the cd from my oil company's convention last year. I am touched and inspired every time I listen to the eleven artists who sing of making a...

Official Launch Today!

Even though has been live for quite a while, the official launch to my business team is tonight. I am nervous and excited because I feel deep down that connecting us Wise Women is crucial at this time in history. Crucial for our individual and...

Green Smoothies- Not Always Pretty

                        Yesterday I had a delightful lunch with another high school friend, Debbie Haner Holland (who by the way looks almost the same as when we graduated- strikingly gorgeous). We talked...

Cycling and Stars

                There’s nothing like the joy of cycling through a tree-lined bike path, near a river, on a perfect sunny spring day, with grandchildren. My bone-on-bone ankle isn’t a speed issue here- only the strength of my...

The Long and Winding Road…

Last September was my 40th high school reunion—is it even possible it’s been that long? I was privileged to reconnect with several classmates and look forward to seeing them now and then. I want to catch up on their lives and what they and their families are doing. I...

Kenobi the Cat and No-Flea Season

A year ago last week our 15 year-old cat, Kenobi, passed away, and I still miss him. I’m grateful for the companionship, the loyalty, the connection we can have with animals, especially our pets. Though I can’t quote the sources offhand, I’ve read in many articles...

Tom B-day

My husband turns 62 today. He is a bicycle commuter (45 minutes each way to work). He takes no regular medications and has always stayed within healthy weight ranges. Quite annoying sometimes, but he is a living testament to purposeful healthy living. Genes are Not...

Huge Nutrition Upgrade

I used to assume making my own salad dressings would be time consuming, expensive, kind of complicated. Instead, I found the health benefits far outweigh the tiny effort it takes. A good fat, a tart vinegar, herbs/spices, maybe a healthy sweetener, and viola- two or...

Healthified Cinnamon Rolls

Traditional Easter brunch in our family includes our younger daughter Angie’s totally delicious and decadent cinnamon rolls.  I’ve found that regular refined sugar reduces my energy so much that I’m experimenting more and more with less-refined alternatives. The other...

Emotions, Essential Oils, and Herbalism

To continue the discussion of Emotions and Essential oils… I loved learning about our connection with plants. Herbalism: I began studying herbal medicine with the idea that I’d like to know how to use plants in case drugs weren’t available. Rather than ordering...


This site is dedicated to the enjoyment, freedom, and power of women and men who want to learn about, offer help, connect to, or share resources about living well at any age.

We’re All About:

Uniting and empowering wise women to create

  • Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness naturally
  • Financial Abundance and Freedom
  • A way to Fulfill our Life’s Work

Real wellness isn’t just about being skinny or rich. It’s about being connected to a way to bless, build, heal, inspire. It’s about hope and friendship, skills and tools to make our dreams come true.

A.S.P.E.N. Living is a Lifestyle that includes all areas of our lives.

A- Aspire, Affirm, Apprentice, Abundance.

Aspire– Means envisioning clearly our life as we want it. Able to take time for our daughter’s soccer game or grandson’s birthday party. Sharing life experience and wisdom we’ve gathered over decades. It’s using this time of our lives to pursue the passions, to develop talents and gifts we set aside to take care of our families and careers, to keep growing and learning and diving into the richness that is life.

Affirm- Means developing statements and scripts we tell ourselves to support what we choose.

Apprentice- Getting involved with people whose lifestyles, interests, friendship, business and caring support our chosen life. That could mean coaches, classes, communities, organizations, teams. A.S.P.E.N. Living’s intent is to be all that for our members.

Abundance- Refers to finances, for sure, but also how we obtain our income and the intentions we have to use it for good to all concerned. It has to do with prosperity of community, activities, culture, experiencing what fulfills us.

S- Simplify, Serve, Spirit.

Simplify- By discarding the meaningless in our lives, we can focus on our soul’s purpose and mission on the earth, including our particular genius to make life better for others. It’s a richer, deeper way to experience life.

Serve- Science and observation shows that people involved in the welfare of others are happier and healthier. That can mean relieving suffering, increasing beauty, and supporting the development of any age. It means helping people get good things they seek. Ideally all of the above.

Spirit- I believe acknowledging and seeking power higher than ourselves is crucial to our overall well-being. . It’s our time to be still and sense the spiritual power all around and through us. My faith is in Jesus Christ, with all else flowing from Him. I also appreciate and respect many spiritual viewpoints and paths.

P- People, Physical Activity, Preparedness.

People- Refers to our social connections and relationships. Our long-time friends become more precious, our family ties more meaningful, our new friends a delight. Or not, and we can choose to attract and develop healthy relationships and/or heal the past.

Physical Activity- We keep moving! Gentle or vigorous movement keeps our joints moving, our vitality up, our bodies functioning, and there is opportunity for improvement no matter where we are on the fitness continuum right now. We can feel better, be stronger, and move more easily.

Preparedness- Includes whole food storage and production; emergency preparedness; self-reliance by skills, equipment, and knowledge. It’s insurance and confidence that we can handle whatever comes our way.

E- Eat wisely, Emotions, Energy, Essential Oils

Eat Wisely- Nutrition is a huge category by itself and the way we can most directly affect our health, energy, connection to nature. What we eat and the quality of it is crucial. I advocate for mostly plant-based, high raw and whole food eating habits, by adding plant food wherever possible (not forbidding the occasional chocolate chip cookie).   Just so you know, chocolate is non-negotiable in my book.

Energy- My path has been all about energy. Physical, mental, emotional. Seeking it has been the driving force since I was a young girl. It’s still a journey, with ups and downs, but I am ever grateful for progress and help along the way. I feel better now than I did in my teens, 20s, 30s. I find it cool to be progressing rather than declining. Life and energy is vibration, and aligning ourselves with high vibration brings amazing opportunities.

Essential Oils- As a natural offshoot of my love of plant-based living for wellness, non-toxic home and beauty, mental and spiritual health, I use doTERRA’s Essential Oils and essential oil products. I believe that as we face more and more toxic substances surrounding us, these pure, concentrated plant essences are invaluable to counter the toxic effects. For more about them, click HERE

N- Nature, nurture.

Nature- By experience and study, I believe that our detachment from the natural world contributes significantly to our culture’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems. When we cultivate a connection with elements, plants, animals, and the earth we live more deeply and wisely.

Nurture is what we do to fill ourselves and others. We need creative outlets, our higher purposes and causes, time to take care of our bodies, minds, souls. Part of what fills us is caring and lifting others with our gifts, talents, and strengths. It’s a joy to do so.

ASPEN includes a wide variety of subjects, to be sure, but they’re all related to rich, fulfilling living in a world hungry for the gifts we have to offer- even if some people don’t know it yet. May these web pages and our association bless you and I and everyone we touch.

We have life to enjoy and share and live deeply. 


Let’s go…


To Amazing Life!


Debbie Tuttle